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    How to Avoid Doing Laundry on the Weekends

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    Do you like to do laundry? How about doing laundry on the weekends? Doing laundry for me is on my list of chores I hate to do. It is right up there with cleaning the bathrooms. It is also on the list of things that must be done, no matter how much I dislike it. I would prefer not to do laundry on the weekends, so I have devised a schedule that allows me to enjoy the weekends with my family.

    My Weekly Laundry Schedule

    Before I start, I want to say that this schedule works for me. The best thing to do is make a schedule that works for you and your life. I am a stay-at-home mom, so this might not work the same for those working or those busy and not home all the time. I hope I can still inspire you so you can have days when you don’t need to do laundry.

    I love to make schedules and be organized. It is just something that I enjoy doing. So, of course, that is how I do my laundry with a schedule. Keep in mind that I have three kids. You may have less or more than that. I may have less or more laundry than you do, so adjust this to work best for you. Anyway, here is my schedule.


    Monday is the day that I do my husband’s and my laundry. Depending on the week we had, I have anywhere from three to five loads to wash. I start my loads the night before by sorting our laundry and putting a single load in on a delay to start in the morning before I wake up. My washing machine has a delayed start feature, which is the best thing ever! So, I will put a load of laundry in on Sunday night before I go to bed, and I will delay it to start for 8 hours. Then, I can rotate laundry and start a new load when I wake up Monday morning. It saves me so much time. The rest of the day, I rotate my laundry as soon as a load is done until I have completed all my loads. I also like to fold the clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer. They don’t get done if I don’t, which happens more than I care to admit.


    Tuesday is the day that I wash all of the towels we used that week, including the kitchen towels and rags. This can also take a couple of loads. I wash my towels in baking soda and vinegar. This makes it so they don’t get that mildew smell.


    On Wednesday, I wash my daughter’s clothes. I have two daughters, so I have a few loads this day. I wash their regular clothes separately and then a load of delicates together. Here is a small confession. During the school year, I wash and fold their laundry, and they must put it away. During the summer, when they have more time, they are in charge of washing their clothes. Also, use a color catcher so you don’t have to separate your clothes. You can wash them all together. This is a huge time saver!


    On Thursday, I wash my son’s clothes. This day doesn’t take me long because my son doesn’t wear as many clothes as my girls! I have fewer loads this day, and because of that, I will wash anything extra. Sometimes, I have soccer uniforms or swimsuits or some other random things that I will wash.


    On Friday, I will wash the sheets. I just started using the new Lysol Washing Sanitizer, which makes my sheets smell so good. It makes me feel like they get extra clean when I use this.

    Saturday and Sunday

    On Saturday and Sunday, I relax and spend time with my family! Like always, this is not a perfect schedule, but it is the best I can do!

    I love that I have days that I don’t have to worry about doing laundry. Like I said before, this is what works for me. Are there weeks that it doesn’t work out like this? Yes, all the time. It isn’t perfect. I try my best to follow this. Do you have a laundry schedule? I would love to hear how you get all your laundry done during the week! Please comment below!

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    Why I Hate the Winter Months

    Okay, let me make this clear, it isn’t like I hate winter altogether. I can handle winter for a little while. There are many excellent and wonderful things about winter. I do love winter right after it has snowed a few inches and the sun comes out, making the snow look like glitter. That is a magnificent sight. I love to watch my kids playing in the snow, making snowmen. I love making hot chocolate for my kids and sitting in front of the fireplace. If I thought long and hard, I could come up with a few more great things about winter.

    But, here is the thing. Winter is seriously the longest season ever. It just drags on and on and on. January through March seems like it takes a year to finish. Sometimes, in March, we can have nice days, and then Mother Nature decides to make it snow again, almost like she is teasing us. We get just a little taste of spring, and then, just like that, it is snowing and cold again.

    Two Major Reasons I Hate the Winter Months

    The first reason is that I am constantly cold. It seems like no matter what I do, I can never get warm. I mean I am cold year round. I am that crazy lady in the middle of summer who must wear her coat to the grocery store because the air conditioning is too cold for me. I get made fun of quite a bit about how cold I am. At least in the summer, when I am cold, I can sit in the sun to warm up. In the winter, though, I can do very few things to get warm. I am very grateful for my rice bag. I can throw that in the microwave and get warm in a few minutes. I can’t exactly carry it around all day, though, so I can only use that when I have time to sit down, which isn’t very often. Therefore, I am freezing from about November until April, which is no fun.

    The second reason is that I always get the winter blues. I always get a little down in the winter. I usually don’t feel like doing much of anything. I don’t like to go out and do things; I typically like to stay home. Staying home, though, always makes me feel even worse. I try to get out, but it is tough to do. I also have a more challenging time in the winter doing things with my children. This always makes me feel guilty, and like I am such a bad mom. Anyone out there who feels the same way, please remember that you are not a bad mom and are doing the best you can. I always have to remind myself of this!

    I try to do things to help with the winter blues. I always open my blinds. The natural light makes it not so dark and dreary. As hard as it is, I try to get out of the house. Even if it is just running a small errand. We do family movie nights, and that helps as well. The winter blues never entirely go away by doing these things, but it seems to help. I start to feel better once the weather starts warming up and the sun comes out more.

    I would love to hear from anyone who hates the winter and deals with the winter blues. I would love to hear what you do to help you get through these dreadful months.

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    The Most Dreaded Week Of Elementary School

    When you have children of elementary age, there is always that one dreaded week of the entire year. Can you guess what it is? I am sure you can probably think what it is. Have you guessed it yet? No, not yet.

    For me, it is that moment when you open your child’s folder and find a piece of RED paper. That red paper can only mean one thing: RED RIBBON WEEK.

    Here you go for those of you who are lucky enough not to know what this week is. Red Ribbon Week is the week the school talks about being drug-free and saying no to drugs. That is great. It is such a great message, and I agree with that wholeheartedly. It is what comes with the week that I dread.

    Every day for one week, the kids wear something silly to school. Most of the time, it isn’t too bad, like silly hat day or silly sock day. Those are easy. They throw on something before they run out the door. I can even get down with the day they wear their pajamas to school. There is one thing that is ALWAYS on the list that I cringe at. It is the Crazy Hair Day.

    Oh, how I hate this day. I know I have a choice not to have my kids participate in it, but unfortunately, the kids love Crazy Hair Day. I am sure some of you out there love this day. I, however, do not because I am horrible at it. I have a hard time doing hair on a regular day, so you can imagine how hard it is for me on a crazy hair day.

    Here is how it always works out for me. I, of course, can never come up with an idea on my own. I looked up some ideas on Pinterest. If you have not looked up crazy hair day ideas, you need to see this. It is incredible what some people can do. There are so many that are so talented. I don’t, however, fall under this category. I have to scroll through so many ideas to get to one that I can maybe somewhat do. This takes me a while to find one. Once I have found one I think I can handle, I repeatedly look at the picture or video to ensure I know how to fix it.

    On Crazy Hair Day, we have to get up early. I have to have time to redo anything that doesn’t work out. Things usually start OK, but I am praying the whole time that it will work out. I can tell you right now that my track record on it working out is that it has never worked out. It is always a nailed-it picture. It never looks exactly like the picture. Sometimes, you can see what I was trying to do. The children are such good sports. They always say they love it, but I know it doesn’t look as good as expected.

    Once I had finished their hair, I rushed them out the door. I have to sit for a while and take a breather!! The whole process for me is exhausting. I am so glad once that day is over. It is like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It sounds so silly that it is such a stressful day, but it is the same every year.

    I know this day will only last a few more years, but I can honestly say that I cannot wait until I don’t have to do it anymore. How about you? Do you love this day, or do you dread it like me?