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6 Essential Things You Need as a Soccer Mom

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My daughters love to play soccer, and both of my daughters play competitively. This means we have soccer at least four to five nights a week all year long. Competitive soccer also means they end up traveling to away games, and we have games during the fall, winter, spring, and summer. Along the way, and over the many years I’ve been a soccer mom, these are the six essential things you need as a soccer mom.

1. High-Quality Folding Chair

I prefer to sit in a chair rather than on the ground. It is much more comfortable for me to sit in a chair. Chairs these days have come a long way. You can get a rocker chair or a chair with shade cover. There are so many options. My only suggestion is to ensure you get one that lasts more than one season.

We’ve gone through many chairs over many seasons, but this GCI Rocker Chair (via Amazon.com) has been popular with many parents!

2. Sports Umbrella (Sport-Brella!)

My sports umbrella has been a lifesaver. It is simple to take up and put down. It is the perfect umbrella for any weather. There have been so many soccer games where it has been raining. A sports umbrella is the ideal size for you to sit in your chair under it and stay dry. It is also great for those games that are played in the sun. It provides excellent shade for the games where the sun is beating down on you.

We’ve had many umbrellas, but we like the Sport-Brella (via Amazon.com) most! It can easily be screwed and staked into the ground and has flaps that fold down around you to keep you shaded and dry!

3. Insulated Stadium Blanket

Sometimes, the weather is too cold to sit and watch a soccer game. I always like to have a blanket on hand to wrap around me. If you have kids with you at the game, having a blanket for them is always a good idea. I do like the insulated blankets that fold up small. They fit in the car much better if you need more than one.

We take two to three blankets to every game, but we always have an insulated blanket similar to this waterproof and windproof stadium blanket (via Amazon.com) that works great!

4. Insulated Water Bottle

Your soccer player isn’t the only one that needs a water bottle. Having a water bottle is a good idea if the weather is warm. I don’t know what it is, but the kids who aren’t playing are always thirsty at a soccer game. I always try to have water for everyone in my family at the soccer game with me. Even if you don’t drink it, having water on hand is always a good idea.

Our kids get a new water bottle every year, and they take it and decorate it with stickers and other fun things that let them differentiate it from their teammates. It’s awesome. Our latest water bottles have been the Owala FreeSip Insulated Water Bottle (via Amazon.com). Our kids love them!

5. Cooling Towel

This year, our new item is a cooling towel. Sometimes, our soccer games, especially our local tournament games, are played in the hottest month of the year, July. It can get up above a hundred degrees during a match. So we have discovered these cooling towels. All you have to do is wet it with cold water, wring it out, and wrap it around your neck. It can help cool your athletes down when on the bench or when they have a break from playing. I also like to use it for the kids and me sitting on the sidelines.

We like these cooling towels (via Amazon.com); they come in a four-pack!

6. Activity Bag (Great For Younger Kids!)

If you have little ones with you at the soccer game, it can be hard for them to sit and watch that game. I always like to have a backpack I can grab as we leave the house. I like to put activities in it for them to do. I like coloring books, colored pencils, stickers, and activity books. Anything that can keep them entertained. If you have a little activity bag, it is easier for you to watch the game as a parent.

I hope all these items can help you have a more enjoyable soccer game. If I have missed anything you feel is essential, please give me your suggestions. I would love to hear from you! I’m always looking for ways to make game days better!

I am a stay-at-home wife and mother to three amazing kids. Our family is in constant battles with ADHD and tactile defensiveness. I think we're the perfectly imperfect family! I am an introvert, and I recently discovered that I am a highly sensitive person. I love to be at home, and my favorite hobbies are reading, cooking, watching movies, puzzles, and playing games with my family.

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